Lessons of the Shoah

Lessons of the Shoah is a program for high school students produced by the Jewish Museum of Maryland and the Baltimore Jewish Council.  This is a program of interfaith Study, Dialogue and Commemoration, using the Shoah and its lessons as a starting point in order to promote tolerance, understanding and respect between students of the Roman Catholic and Jewish faith communities, as well as, the whole of society.  Included with lessons of the Holocaust, the course will also focus on contemporary genocides (e.g. Darfur) and the necessity for understanding and response.

We are now accepting applications for this program.  To apply, please contact

Jeanette Parmigiani
Director of Holocaust Programs
Baltimore Jewish Council

Funding for the 2010-2011 Lessons of the Shoah will be provided by PAJA (Polish / American / Jewish Alliance for Youth Action, Inc.) through Paulette Pollack in memory of her brother, Dennis Misler, founder of PAJA.  The curriculum will devote special attention to the Righteous Gentiles from Poland.